About Us

Gold Star is a medical communications group that works with small to mid-sized biotech and medical companies, as well as agencies, to deliver beautifully crafted medical communication tools.

Through selective partnerships, we provide clients with strategic consultancy across a broad range of oncologic areas, content development support, logistics management, and more.


Our mission is simple: to do work that matters and do it with a smile.


At Gold Star, we believe that our people are our most important asset and what set us apart from other medical communication groups. We consistently hear from clients that the reason they continue to work with us is not just our disease-state knowledge and experience, but our customer service and energetic, close-knit, collegial members who are pleasant to work with.

With a small core team, we are fast and nimble, with minimal bureaucracy impacting our ability to get things done. With a broader team available as needed, we are at the ready to meet every client need, even when timelines are tight.

The core attributes that set us apart from others are:

Our Passion for Oncology

  • Understanding that everything we do ultimately affects patient’s lives

Our Global Thinking & Implementation

  • Accessibility across 3 continents

Our Experience

  • 50+ years combined work experience


Karen Ventii, PhD

Dr. Karen Ventii is Executive Director of Medical Communications. Karen has worked as a full-time medical writer since 2005. After realizing her passion for empowering other medical writers, she launched Gold Star to support the training and development of burgeoning and established medical writers. Karen has a PhD in Biochemistry (with a focus in oncology) from Emory University, as well as an MS and BS in Biology. When she’s not writing or creating training materials, you can find her binge-watching “The Big Bang Theory” or “QI”.

Claudia Ventii, MD

United Kingdom
Dr. Claudia Ventii is the medical advisor for Gold Star. She is an active clinician with experience in patient care and peer-to-peer education. She is also a published researcher in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Ventii received her medical degree from the University of Liverpool, with a specialty in women’s health issues, including oncology. Although she is based in Liverpool, she spends her spare time traveling.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is VP of Accounts Services & Logistics, and has worked in the travel industry for 25+ years. His extensive experience has given him the needed organizational skills and ability to effectively communicate resulting in a successful service delivery. Matthew resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and children. During his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and taking family trips.

Akwasi Anyanful, PhD

Dr. Anyanful oversees the transcription services and other tactical support for Gold Star. Dr. Anyanful has 10+ years of oncology experience from his time as a researcher at Emory University and then the University of Cape Coast School of Medicine. By drawing upon the unique expertise of his team of life-science experts, he is able to deliver cost-effective editorial and PowerPoint services that help Gold Star’s clients achieve better results and connect with their global audiences. He lives in Cape Coast with his wife and 2 kids.


Gold Star plays an active role in the oncology community through a mix of work, fund-raising efforts and activities each year. Recent activities include:

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